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Frogs Fanny

Great new item that will increase your flies effectiveness 5-10 times. Comes in small bottle with applicator brush. This gives your sunken flies air bubbles so that they look alive. I have used this for 2 seasons and am amazed at its effectiveness. You must try this product.

Type :  Fly Shop New Items
Price:  3.95
Item # :  1100


Bio Strike Indicator Putty

Can of flourescent putty to use on your leaders to indicate strikes. Green or Orange.

Type :  Fly Shop New Items
Price:  4.50
Item # :  1101


Sierra Pacific Strike Indicators

Orange in color. Six to package. These are twist ons that I like best. Rubber core lets you twist them onto your leader. Sizes: mini, small, medium, large. These work best when fishing weighted nymphs or when using split shot. They float even with a lot of weight below them.

Type :  Fly Shop New Items
Price:  4.95
Item # :  1102


Loon Deep Soft Weight

Loon Deep Soft Weight is a non lead soft weight that can be attached to your leader in any size you choose. A great way to add weight because of the unlimited size and placement features.

Type :  Fly Shop New Items
Price:  5.95
Item # :  1103


RIO Windcutters

These are the RIO Windcutter fly lines and they are designed after the WF Tapers but are tapered so that you can make a quick cast and make less false casts. Especially good for drift boat fishing where you must hammer the bank one cast after another and false casting makes you miss fish holding lies.

Type :  Fly Shop New Items
Price:  50.00
Item # :  1104


RIO Speciality Lines

This is a fairly new taper design from RIO for Atlantic Salmon & Steelhead and it is weight forward taper design modified so that mending and roll casting are made easier and the weight forward design allows you to deliver bombers and skaters with ease. I tried one of these lines last year and loved it. It has a cold water coating on a multifilament core. Available in WF6F thru WF10F in Yellow

Type :  Fly Shop New Items
Price:  56.00
Item # :  1105

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