North West Classic Tackle is dedicated to offering the best equipment available for fly fishing; fly tying and all other related fly fishing items to include DVD's and Books and Clothing. We offer both Classic previously owned equipment and also new equipment and we are dealers for all of the best companies. We will be adding a website for our new equipment shortly that will be linked to this site so that you will be able to choose both new and classic equipment. You can always call our shop at 208-772-0372 for information about our new gear.
We have been in business now for about 12 years and it has been a great trip having met so many great people from all around the Globe. It has been a terrific experience and I hope to continue for many years to come. We have grown from a website to a full service shop carrying all types of new gear along with our Classic Equipment. I never envisioned this to become so large nor did I ever expect to have so much fun doing it.
I have been fly fishing now for 56 years and I had my first "love affair" with Bamboo over 46 years ago. I got my first Bamboo Fly Rod, which was a Hardy Palakona in Frederickton, New Brunswick, when I was 16 years old. It was an 8 foot three piece rod and the price was $60.00. I have been a devoted addict ever since. There is nothing in fly fishing quite like the feel of a good Bamboo Rod as you false cast and feel the rod load and deliver the fly just where you intended and then set the hook on a sizeable fish that you have been watching rise. I was very fortunate to have lived and grown up in the East and at a time when many of the great rod builders were still creating their works of art. I worked for William Mills & Son as a young boy and learned of Leonard and Payne and Gillum and Garrison and Edwards while they were still making rods and was also very fortunate to have met them and watch them create their rods and learn from them. I worked at Mills until they went out of business and then bought the name at the auction along with quite a collection of items of both historic and trivial importance. At that time I was also publishing Fishing & Hunting Books under the name of Freshet Press. In the middle 70's I moved to California and met some of the rod builders of the west. I met Andre Puyans and Gary Howells and Doug Merrick. I considered Gary Howells to be the best rod builder alive at the time and Gary and I became great friends. Andre and I became great friends also and Andre was one of the finest fly tyers that I have ever known. A great friend and soulmate. All are gone now but I think about them every day. Now new Rod Builders have stepped into the spotlight and are creating some of the most beautiful and functional rods I have ever seen. Fly Fishing is indeed a life altering experience!
I am always looking for good quality classic tackle and will purchase outright or take on consignment one piece of equipment or your whole collection. If you have something that you would like to sell or put on consignment, please call or E-mail me and we can work out an arrangement for me to view your items for sale. If there is a special item that you are looking for and do not see on the website, call or E-mail me and I might have one or will try to locate one for you.
Please view our items that are for sale and I hope you find something that suits your fancy on our pages. We offer a three (3) day return policy on anything that we sell provided it is returned in the condition that we sent it. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or E-mail us.
Thanks for viewing.
Bud Frasca

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